Privacy Policy

Nobody here cares what you might do on your network, however, you should be aware that all usage of this network is automatically tracked and logged in extensive detail, just exactly as is the case on very nearly every network you've ever connected any networked device of any sort, including your own Internet at home. Pretty much every device connected to any network keeps detailed logs of all network activity, as does every Internet provider. That's just how this stuff works... Deal with it!

That having been said, our privacy policy here is simple. Nobody here bothers to look at the logs unless there's an issue, and even when they do look at the logs, nobody gives a rat's-ass about what sites anyone's been visiting as long as that activity isn't directly connected to or responsible for any problems. The only use of the logfiles on this network are to diagnose and deal with issues. Nothing more, nothing less...

If you do not trust the operator of this network, or other members/users of the network, then you should immediately disconnect your devices from said network and get your own Internet connection. Just keep in mind that your Internet provider, no matter who they may be, is made up of a rather large group of strangers whom you have no idea about. Some of those strangers also have access to even more detailed logs of what you're doing on the Internet and which sites you're visiting. Be aware, be smart! Don't get yourself in trouble! 'Nuff said!

Frequently Asked Questions

(Not really, but some of these are questions folk probably should ask once in a while.)

  • Are you spying on me? — Absolutely not! Honestly, I couldn't care less what anyone does on the Internet, as long as it does no harm. The moment it directly affects me personally, or causes harm to anyone or anything, that's when I start to care. If you're doing nothing that would bring any trouble, then do as you will.

  • What do you do with the collected log data? — Pretty much nothing. Logfiles on this network only ever get looked at if there is an issue which the logfiles can help solve. In general, the logfiles tend to fall off the end of the rotation after a while and are eventually deleted permanently.